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Share WiFi with Hotspot on Android

Share wifi with hotspot
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Android is the most widely used mobile operating system in the world. Nowadays mobile devices are equipped with many modules like Bluetooth, WiFi, and sensors. There is also a module of a hotspot which turns the device into a signal transmitter. Hotspot is the feature in Android devices which allows sharing of mobile data to other devices wirelessly. When using WiFi we are not able to share data with the Hotspot because of the limitation on Android which disables one out of WiFi and Hotspot. We can’t use both features at a time. Today we will show you how to share your WiFi network with Hotspot. There are two options through which you can share WiFi with the other devices.

Share WiFi with USB Tethering

Sharing WiFi can be done with this method but it requires a laptop or PC or any other device which supports Ethernet. This feature is baked into the Android itself. It turns the Android device into Ethernet so that it can share WiFi or mobile data.


  1. Go to Settings.Open settings
  2. Then navigate to Network and Internet.Network option
  3. Select Hotspot & Tethering.
  4. Connect Android device with USB to the laptop.
  5. Select the USB Tethering option.usb tethering turn on

Now you can share your WiFi connection to your laptop.

Share WiFi with Hotspot

Sharing WiFi with the Hotspot it the best way to share the network because it allows the users to connect their mobile devices with Hotspot. It removes the restriction of Ethernet. You can easily share WiFi from one device to another.


  1. Download NetShare.
  2. Open the app.netshare android app
  3. Tick the Checkbox saying Start WiFi Hotspot.netshare start
  4. Connect another device with the name and password mentioned in the app.

This app is free to use but have some limits. To remove the usage limit you need to pay.

Wrapping up

Using the NetShare app to share WiFi data is a better way then Tethering because it allows connecting mobile devices. The app is a must try.


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