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How to show Windows Option in Pop!_OS

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New Linux Operating systems like Pop!_OS use systemd-boot instead of grub to load the Operating System.  Systemd-boot isn’t a boot loader it is a very simple textual frontend to the boot manager already in your UEFI. GRUB, on the other hand, is effectively an entire OS.

When installing Linux distro with systemd-boot it creates a new partition of EFI which results in not showing Windows option in case you dual booted. To show dual Windows in the Bootloader selection window you have to make entry of Windows in the EFI.

How to create Windows entry in Pop!_OS

A member of Pop!_OS chat forum @cervox found a way to make the Windows option appear in systemd-boot.


  1. After Installing Pop!_OS go back to Windows and uncheck the option of Fast Startup.
  2. If you have secure boot turned on in BIOS then disable it.
  3. Now boot Pop!_OS again.
  4. Open Disks.disks options in popos
  5. You’re going to want to find a partition type “EFI System” partition on your hard drive, and click on the little play icon to mount it.EFI partition
  6. You’ll see some orange text show up, click on it.efi mounted
  7. You’ll know if you’ve found the right one if, after going into an EFI folder, you find a folder labeled Microsoft.
  8. Now, go bask to disks and look for an already mounted EFI partition type that has this file path.efi of linux
  9. You’ll also notice that if you try to click on the orange text, you’ll get a lovely error message that you aren’t powerful enough to view this folder. In the event you don’t want to level up though, you’ll want to open a terminal and copy and paste this in sudo nautilus /boot/efi/. Go into the EFI folder and you’ll be right where you want to be.
  10. Now, with both windows open, you’ll want to copy, keyword copy, the Microsoft folder from one partition to the other, aka copy it to the window you opened that required sudo to open. The end result should look something like this.copy microsoft folder to linux
  11. Now, we’re nearly done here

    You can go ahead and close everything now, except for the terminal

    We are now going to set up a timer for you, so that when you boot up your machine it will go “Please choose an OS to boot to, booting in x seconds”.


    Type in sudo nano /boot/efi/loader/loader.conf


    Using your arrow keys, move the cursor under default pop os current or whatever

    And type in timeout 60. Theoretically, you could put in whatever number you’d like, I just prefer 60 seconds.


    Then hit CTRL + S

    Then CTRL + X


    You will have saved and exited the file.


    When you reboot your computer and get to the selection screen, you navigate your options with the arrow keys, and select an option by hitting enter. Moving your selection also removes the timer your setup.

    Now, finally, you type in sudo kernelstub 


    Reboot! You are now dual-booting with Pop!_OS



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