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Solved: Linux Showing Free Space as unusable

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Recently, I dual booted my Acer Laptop with Linux Mint, I had created an unallocated space that was around 30GB for Linux. But when I got the drive selection option to install Linux that partition was marked as unusable instead of free space.

Linux showing free space as unusable

This is because there are a total of 5 partitions including the unallocated space.

Partition in windows

This HardDisk supports only 4 Partitions and we had created 5. The fifth partition is space for installing the Linux.

The simple way to tackle this problem is to maintain 4 partition limit. We have to delete one partition. Follow the steps mentioned.

Remember: Always take backup of your data otherwise you might lose them.


  1. Open Disk Management in Windows.
  2. Now, we have to delete a partition and allocate 30GB to Linux.
  3. I will delete Partition D for that right click on D and select Delete Volume. (Copy Data of D drive to somewhere else).Disk manager delete volume D
  4. Now we can see 4 partitions but we have to give only 30GB to Linux for that we have to extend the second drive.
  5. Unallocated
  6. We are going to increase the size of E partition. For that right click on E and select Extend Volume.Extending the partition E
  7. Do some calculation and extend partition in such a way the unallocated space will remain only 30GB.Disk manager is showing 4 partitions
  8. Done. Now boot in Linux you will find the partition as Free Space.Linux free space

With this method, you can make unusable space again usable. After this, you can install Linux normally.


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