Is there is something like Free will?

Free will
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Free will: the power to make your own decisions without being controlled.

We human beings, do we think we have free will?
Of course! We do because we think nobody else is responsible for our actions but we.

We think because we want to, we move parts of the body because we want to. But, have you ever wondered, What’s the reason for our existence? Had we ever wanted to exist? We don’t know. If we don’t know, then it’s not our choice. Taking birth and going through this life was never decided by us. Then, how can we say that we have free will?

Lets, eliminate the birth and existence out of the scope of free will and think of it as a natural phenomenon. Then, do our thoughts free? We anticipate in words that we have learned to date. We say only the words we know. We do only the things our body is capable of doing. We are tied in every possible way. The things we imagine are the things we have seen, the things we talk about are the things we have experienced, everything connected to the beginning of our life. In short, we all are making decisions based on things we have experienced. But, it doesn’t make us Free. The power of thinking and the power to be free are two different things.

If we exist, we cant be free.


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