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SSH Protocol : Remote Login and File Transfer

ssh remote login and file transfer,
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The SSH Protocol is a method for secure remote login from one computer to another. It provides several alternative option for strong authentication and protects the communication integrity and security with strong encryption.

SSH Remote Login

SSH stands for Secure Shell, cryptographic network protocol for operating network services securely over an unsecured network. This protocol provides a various options for users which includes :

how ssh works for remote login and file transfer,

  • providing secure access for users and automated processes
  • interactive and automated file transfers
  • issuing remote commands
  • managing network infrastructure and other mission-critical system components.

Remote Login Commands:

  1. Remote login to Local host.

  • Check whether local host is active or not.
ssh localhost
  • If not, write the command given below,
service ssh start
  • Now, open a new tab, and shift to local host, if local host is not created, create a new user using below given command,
adduser abc
  • Now shift from root mode to new user mode using ‘su abc‘ command.
  • Now write the command below to gain the access of abc user from root mode.
ssh [email protected]    // write it in root mode, abc is the name of user created.

2. Remote Login to other PC.

  • The person who is logging to another PC should know the username and password of another PC(not root mode). Then, person can write the below given command to remotely login into another PC.
ssh [email protected]    // IP Address is the IP address of another computer on which the person is trying to login remotely

File Transfer

A person can transfer file, process, document and so on. to another PC using SSH. There is a need of IP address of another PC.

1. Local Host File Transfer

  • Root mode, where the data would be received.
nc -lvp -4444   // there can be any port,
  • Local host terminal from where the data would be send.
nc localhost 4444   // same port name as mentioned in root mode.

2. File transfer from one PC to another.

  • Computer which will get the data.
nc -lvp -4444
  • Computer which will send the data.
nc 'IP Address' 4444   // IP address of the computer which is listening


Note : The Sharing Option in setting should be open in both computer in both the cases of Remote login and File Transfer.


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