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Recently, Google updated the Google Meet app with a new User Interface(UI) on both iOS and Android platforms. This new look is similar to the meet integration in the Gmail app. The new interface is quite hard to navigate. In the new interface, the chatbox is inside the More option, the placement of the buttons is different and the screen for the videos is small, if someone joins or leaves the meeting then the popup message blocks the area where users type the message. This made me switch to the older version of the app because it was more user friendly. If you want to switch back to the older version of Google meet then follow the steps below:


  1. Uninstall the current Google Meet.
  2. Download the Google Meet apk from here.
  3. Install the apk.
  4. Go to Playstore and Search for Google Meet.
  5. Click 3 dot menu on top.
  6. Uncheck Auto updates.

Google Meet interface was changed after Version 46.0.328626805, by installing the apk of the same version you can have the old user interface of Google Meet and you can use it without any issues. If you still want a new version then go back to Playstore and update the app and check the option of Auto updates.


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