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This company sells an Artificial Sun

Artificial Sun
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Technology has been changing a lot, there are many things that seem to be coming from fiction but these are actually real-life objects. A company called CoeLux literally created an Artificial Sun for indoors, which means you can place a sun in your basement if you like. The aim of CoeLux is to dramatically increase the quality of life of those who spend a considerable amount of time indoors.

The CoeLux device functions by integrating three main components: cutting-edge LED technology that mimics the Sun’s light spectrum, direction, and brightness; optical structures that simulate the expanse of the sky; and a nanostructured material that mimics Rayleigh scattering, the physical phenomenon that determines how we interpret the brightness and color of elements in the atmosphere.

Natural lighting systems could also be used in healthcare facilities where patients are unable to access open areas, such as hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers.

Check the demo here:

This artificial sun follows the natural pattern of sunlight and sunset, now you never have to worry about the clouds again. This sun will burn the wallets for sure because it costs around 40,000 $ which equals 29,51,908.00 Indian Rupee for smaller panels.

Check the video by Lux Magazine



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