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Top 5 apps for Healthy Lifestyle

top 5 apps for healthy lifestyle -
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Our smartphones are the only thing that we use everyday and it is the only thing through which we interact mostly. A phone is nothing without the applications. There are tons of applications available in the App store of iOS and Play Store. If we make a list of apps that we use daily then Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Youtube will come on the top. These apps are making us addict to the smartphone.

Smartphones can also become our fitness partner if we use it efficiently. There are large amount of the apps available for the productivity. Here are 5 selected Android apps that can help you to stop smartphone addiction, help you focus on your health.


Water Drink Reminder

Water drink reminder app -
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Water Drink Reminder app reminds the user every hour to drink water and complete the daily water goals. The App use the users weight to determine the amount of water needed as a daily limit. Every hour the user will get a notification to drink water and it shows plenty of choices to select the amount of water you are drinking. Water drink reminder also shows the goals in the graph format so that you can track yourself easily.

Lock Me Out

Lock me out app -

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Lock Me Out is the digital detox, it will lock your device for a specific amount of time so that you can focus on your work without being distracted by your device. Lock Me Out will lock the device using the admin permission which means if your device is locked and you try to unlock it will again lock itself until the timer goes off.


app for sleep -

Get it on Google Play Many of us are suffering from sleeplessness. Pzizz helps to provide a good night sleep. It comes with many sleep assistance and peaceful sounds that will help you in falling sleep easily. Just put earphones and enjoy sleeping. This app costs money for subscription, it provides 7 days trial before asking for payment.

Simple habits

Simple habit app -

Get it on Google Play Simple habit is the meditation apps for busy persons like us. We always make excuses for avoiding the meditation training by saying that we don’t have time for it. Simple habit apps provides tons of options through which you can select what you are doing then put your earphones and follow the instructions. The sessions are only of 5 to 10 minutes.

30 Day Fitness Challenge

30 days fitness challenge app -

Get it on Google Play 30 Day Fitness Challenge app provides the instructions and plans for exercise to keep you fit. It reminds you everyday for exercise and it can sync your fitness record with Google Fit. More important thing is that it doesn’t require any equipment’s.

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