Top 7 Products of CES 2019

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CES (Consumer Electronic Show) is the annual technology show organised by Consumer Technology Association. Every tech company participates in this event and show case their new tech products. This year it was 52 CES event which was held in Las Vegas. This year there is a lot of new tech that was showcased from Burger making bot to Self Driving Car. Here are the list of 7 best CES products that we think worth checking out.

7. Lenovo Smart Clock

Lenovo Smart clock

Lenovo Smart Clock is tiny 4 inch display clock which is packed with the features of Smart Displays by Google. The clock is equipped with Google Assistant which shows the ETA for maps and much more. There is also wake up mode and gestures like double tapping on back side. It is a must have product and it only cost $80.

6. Samsung Bot

samsung bot

Samsung showcased three types of bots called Samsung Bot for three different types of fields.

First one is called Samsung Bot Care. This is a Healthcare-specialised robot. It has the ability to check blood pressure, sleeping rate etc. and it can even remind you to take medicines.

Second is called Samsung Bot Retail. It handles ordering and payments to make your job easy.

The last one is Samsung Bot Air. It is a type of air purifier. The sensors on the robot detect pollution source and cleans it.

5. Samsung GEMS-H

Samsung GEMS-H

Samsung launched a new exoskeleton for the lower body. This machine is Called GEMS ( Giant Enhancing Motivational System ). It is equipped with two primary modes: Power assist, which lets you walk with 23% less effort or almost 20% faster, and second mode resistance, which help the user to walk after injury.

4. Harley-Davidson LiveWire Electric Muscle Bike

electric bike

World first Electric Bike is launched in the CES 2019 by Harley-Davidson. It is going to be on sale in August 2019 but only for USA. This bike costs around $30,000 which is equal to INR 21 Lakh which costs more than a car. This electric bike is able to go 0-100KMPR in just 3.9 seconds and it can travel 177KM on a full charge.


Rollable TV

Last year LG teased the rollable TV concept and this year they finally launched an Rollable TV. LG said that TV has tested with 50,000 rolls up and down. The TV is really unique and it is also an OLED display. With the one button press the display will magically goes back into the small container and on another button press it will appears again. That is so cool.

2. DELL XPS 13


After the release of bezell less concept every company was putting the webcam on the lower side of the screen which was not the perfect place for cameras. Dell introduces XPS 13 laptop which has the worlds first small webcam on top side and yes it is also bezell less. Dell XPS 13 is available at $899.

1. Alienware Area-51M

Alienware Area 51 M

It is worlds most powerful laptop with the Desktop graphics. It is also a modular laptop which means users can easily change the hardware of the laptop and upgrade it in their way. It is like a dream come true for the gamers. It is equipped with Intel i9 processor and 64GB of DDR4 RAM. The weight of the laptop is around 4.4 KG. With these much features it is not going to be cheap in US it will start with the cost of $2549.

Wrapping up

These were the attention grabbing products of this year that was show cased in the CES 2019.

Some honourable mentions:

  • Impossible Burger 2.0
  • JBL Link Drive
  • HP Chromebook 14

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