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Top 5 Websites for finding best tags for your Instagram Images

best instagram hashtags
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Reaching to the user’s feed is one of the challenging things to do, but the tags can increase the post reach lots of people. If you are getting less number of likes when your content is great or you want to increase the number of followers then you should add tags in your images or videos. Tags help the Instagram algorithm to categories the content to show to the users. For example, if someone only likes cooking content and if you upload an image with tags #cooking then that image has the highest possibility to be seen by the person who likes cooking content.

Finding tags can be a hard task but fortunately, there are a  number of websites available to help you in finding the best hashtags for your content.


TagBlender had developed a unique method for getting the most relevant tags for your Instagram images. They call it +10 – this means you can actually tag your images with up to three different categories in order for the tags to fit your image perfectly!
Start below by adding categories using this button:
+10When you’re done, just copy the tags in the Tag Blender and paste them as a comment on your Instagram image.

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2.InstagramTags tracks the top hashtags on Instagram. They update our popular tags area every hour so you can be confident that your picture will get the most exposure possible. Using the right tags will get you more likes, and more likes bring you more followers.


Best-Hashtags shows the hashtags in alphabetical order. All of these tags are analyzed according to the popularity and likes on Instagram. It also has an option of New Hashtags and Best Hashtags which shows new hashtags in trend and the best one.

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It is one of my favorite websites because it directly shows hashtags based on categories and Most Popular hashtags. There is also a button to copy tags directly to the clipboard.

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5.All Hashtag

Here’s a selection of top hashtags that will help you market your social media content more successfully.
Top hashtags are the most popular hashtags other users are looking for. So you can place your mail with the matching keywords in the top search positions and/or reach more users.


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