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Perform Static Code Analysis with Visual code Grepper

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Static analysis, also called static code analysis, is a method of computer program debugging that is done by examining the code without executing the program. The process provides an understanding of the code structure, and can help to ensure that the code adheres to industry standards.

There are a number of tools to analyze the code in different language. Here we will go with VisualCodeGrepper.


  • Install the VisualCodeGrepper.
    • Click on the VCG-Setup.mal file.
    • Click on Next option to install the software.
  • Configure VCG to analyze the code.
    • Go to setting, and select the language in which the code is written.
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    • Then, go to File and select, New Target Directory.
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    • Select the file in which code is present.
    • Lastly, click the Scan option present in the menu bar of software.
  • The output will display all the details of code, whether code is malicious or not, the standard of low or high. Accordingly, a coder can change their code to suit the industrial standard.

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