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How To Watch Microsoft Event (Windows 11 reveal)

Windows 11
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Microsoft is going to release a new version of windows today and the announcement will be done in the Microsoft Windows Event. A few weeks ago, someone published the leaked build of the Windows 11 ISO on the internet, from that time there are many anticipations about the new Windows version.

There is a mixed reaction from the consumers of Windows, from some of them this new look of windows is more esthetic and eye-pleasing, and for some of them, it’s just a rip-off of the Mac or Deepin Desktop Environment(Linux) and some of them says that Microsoft leaked the build on the purpose to launch something else and give surprise to the consumers.

According to the leaks, Windows 11 have many elements from Windows X (an abandoned project of Microsoft). BTW the new round corner UI looks pretty as compared to the sharp-edged rectangular Metro UI of Windows.

The live event will start at 11 AM ET which is 8:30 PM IST. To watch the live event you can go to the Windows Event Website. Or you can watch the embedded CNET Live on Youtube.


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