5 ways to stay away from stress

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There are countless reasons in a person’s life that creates or put stress on individuals. Reasons may be personal problems, health problems, study problem, job problem etc. Stress are injurious to health and give birth to different types of disease. So there is a need to put down your stress. Here are some ways which are different for different situation and can help you in every point of life.

1. Expose yourself, don’t be introvert

People suffering from relationship problems, family problems and financial problems choose an introvert (alone) life. This is the worst way to solve problems. People suffering with these problems could do something different like,

  • Relationship Problems : In this problem, a person feels bad while separating with their close one because of any reason. In this problem people always indulge in their memory, miss them, and sometime cries. This all creates stress over them and thus disable their daily life. Best remedy for this problems are, make yourself busy, focus on your work and more important share this with your close ones to whom you believe. Being introvert can harm you, sharing will reduce your stress and give you a way to enjoy life.

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  • Financial Problems : Loss in business, loan payment and problem related to money comes under this. This is a big problem in agriculture based country like India. In India, hundreds of Farmers commit suicide because the stress of not paying load force them. It is purely not possible to pay loans or heal money loss by reducing stress but, reducing stress can help to generate ideas and work hard so that a person can come up with problems. Best Remedies are Meditation, morning walk, and more importantly always stay with positive people whom you think they can be your pillar for your growth and share your reality with them.

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 2. Feel the Nature, and enjoy the environment

This remedy can help those who are suffering from problems like health problem, examination stress. But it is the best remedy for all types of problem but above mentioned problems could be reduce quickly and easily.

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  • Health Problem : Person suffering from any disease should taste the beauty of nature 🍀. Spend more time with nature. Nature includes lakes, river, mountain, garden, park, forest, etc. which is accessible and suits you.

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  • Examination Problem:  People having any time of examination whether regular, term end, interview, first day, they all feel stress the last night. This stress can decrease individual’s performance. The best remedy is to spend your evening before examination with pure nature including above all mentioned, animals etc. and take a good sleep. This can help you to fresh your mind and help in examination.

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3. Stay Positive, in any situation

Almost every people lose their mind while dealing with any problems, and that is because of stress. Staying positive in any situation whether worst or best is the best way to deal with any situation. It looks unpractical, but this positive attitude can emerge inside you when you give a try.

4. Do something which makes you happy

In every life, there is something which makes them happy either for a while or for a long time. They may be playing games, singing, playing instrument, etc. Giving a little time to your habits can help you to reduce your stress because when you feel stressed, mind needs some relaxations and your best part gives you relaxation.

5. Do meditation, morning walk.


Some people choose drugs as their medicines for reducing stress. This is the worst part. Drinking alcohol, smoking, and being introvert shows that you are trying to escape your problem rather facing. If you are not coward, you should apply above remedies and face and put a victory over you problem. This could make a healthy and stress free society.


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