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What is Linux used for?

This one is the first question that pops in the mind of every beginner computer user when they hear linux os name. The answer is “Linux is an open-source operating system that can allow the users to change everything according to their choice”. Almost all of the servers run on Linux because of its lightweight. Linux os is everywhere from Android devices to the biggest servers.

Linux os distro

The distro is another name of distributions of linux os. These versions of linux are based on some primary linux sources like Debian and Arch. Ubuntu is one of the Debian based linux os where Manjaro is based on Arch.

Manjaro is one of the popular Linux distros in the community of linux users.

My Journey in finding the best linux distro

Linux Mint was the first linux os that I tried on the desktop but after few days of using that, I had generated a curiosity to explore more of the linux. Distrowatch helps you find the new linux distro according to your choice and it also shows the top linux os in the market. Pop!_OS is the second linux os that I tried on my desktop.


Pros and Cons of Pop!_OS


  • Awesome GNOME experience.
  • Fast and fluent.
  • AMD and Nvidia Graphic Driver support.
  • Elementary Store.
  • Based on Debian.


  • Systemd-boot manager (makes hard to switch to windows in dual boot).
  • Based on non-LTS Ubuntu.

The overall experience of Pop!_OS was awesome but it was not enough for me. From Pop!_OS next linux os that I had installed was Deepin.


Deepin is well known for its beautiful design in the linux community. On the tesr run it worked fine but after installing it there were some problems with the display driver which made me switch from it.

During live boot the Pros and Cons that I have discovered are:

Pros of Deepin:

  • Beautiful desktop environment.
  • Theming options.

Cons of Deepin:

  • Driver support.


I heard the Podcast Linux for Everyone in episode 16 he talks about the Peppermint as the forever distro. I switched to Peppermint for a week. The user interface of Peppermint was so simple and lightweight. Note: It doesn’t come with preinstalled software like the Libre office and more. The lightweight is the winning element of Peppermint. If you want to run your old system that has less RAM support then you can use Peppermint.

You can use Peppermint in your new systems also because it uses less battery and gives a lot of boost to the performance.

Bliss OS

Bliss grabbed my attention when I was looking for some other linux os. Bliss is not a Linux distro it is an Android OS for PC. With Bliss OS users can run almost full Android experience in their PC.

Manjaro Linux

One of the popular linux os based on Arch Linux. Manjaro linux GNOME version is the best Arch version of linux that I have used on my PC. The best thing about Arch is that you have almost support for everything before Debian. Any new development that happens for linux is pushed to Arch. Whenever you install Arch you will be on the latest version of it.

Pros and Cons of Manjaro Linux


  • Based on Arch.
  • All kinds of driver support.
  • Best community support.
  • The store has inbuilt dkms package installation support.


  • Need to get familiar with pacman commands.

Elementary OS

Elementary OS is known for its beautiful design and elegance. Elementary os got updated to 15.1 Hera. Version Hera15.2 brings a lot of features to the os like the new Lockscreen which shows the name and wallpaper of all of the users. I used Elementary os for a few days but  I missed the feel of Arch. Elementary Kernel is based on Linux Kernel 5.0 which has some issues with my wireless drivers.

Pros and Cons of Elementary OS:


  • Beautiful design.
  • Friendly for new users.


  • Based on Ubuntu 18.04

Final Conclusion

In this journey of finding the best linux distro, I had tested these Distros on the desktop. In the testing, I found if you need a stable Linux that can complete all of your needs then Linux Mint is one of the best Linux os on the Internet. If you want to experiment with the linux then go for Manjaro Linux.

The search for best Linux Distro continues …

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