Why divide by 0 is not Infinity?

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The numbers in the universe are everything, we always do the calculations and these calculations are based on theories and rules. The one rule that we cannot break is divide any number by 0. But why? Many time when we do this calculations in calculators they give error and sometimes the calculator program simply say that value will not divide by 0.

Dividing any number gives us some value and this value increase as we go closer to the zero. Example 10 / 5 = 2, 10 / 2 = 5, 10 / 0.1 = 100, 10 / 0.001 = 1000 and so on.

Why divide by 0 is not Infinity?

Whenever we divide a number its result come in a form which can be used to trace back to the initial step. Like 10 / 2 = 5 we can use 5 to multiply by 2 and it would give us 10 back but when we use the 0 to divide anything we cannot trace back the initial because if we do so we would get zero again like if we say that 10 / 0 = infinity then infinity x 0 = 10, that is not true.

New Theory

Mathematicians have invented many new theories to deal with the complex problem like there was no root for ✓-1 but the mathematicians had introduced i.

Let’s do a simple calculations:

For example we would assume 1 divide by 0 is Infinity.

1 / 0 = Infinity

=> Infinity x 0 =1

=> Then it can be said that

(Infinity x 0)+(Infinity x 0)=2

=> Taking Infinity common

=> (0 + 0) x Infinity = 2

But we already have 0 x Infinity = 1

So we cannot say it is true that 1=2

In this way it is clear that anything divide by 0 is not Infinity, we can say that the result doesn’t exist.



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