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Why does US Air Force Pilot Helmet Cost $400,000 ?

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The Field Aircrafts pilot only needs a pair of Goggles and leather helmet to save himself from cost. But when it comes to the Fighter Planes Pilot the situation changes. Fighter Planes Pilot use a special kind of Helmet which has the price tag of $400,000.

What is Special about these Costly Helmets?

These Helmets not only protect the Pilot’s hed from smashing into the wind shield or cover of the Plane they provide a lot of features that can help the Pilot to fo a lot more than simply protecting his head. The modern Helmets provide the vision capability which is similar to Ironman’s Vision.


The Helmet is much more than a Helmet it is a kind of workspace. The modern Helmets provide the host and targeting data with sensors that helps the Pilot to get all the awareness of his part of sky.

The Ironman vision in the Helmet

In F-35 Pilots 👨‍✈️Helmet there is a feature of X-ray Vision. There are six cameras implemented in the plane itself front, left, right, back, up and down. When the Pilot turns his head he can direct see through the Plane using the cameras. The feed of Cameras are sent so fast to allow the Pilot to see his surroundings. It looks like he is flying directly into the sky.

The feed is overlayed by the Flight’s information like the Latitude, Longitude and the live map data. It sort of like Flying Wonder Woman’s invisible plane 🛩️.

The new Helmets also provide targeting data overlay through which the Pilot can directly aim the Target using his vision. It contains the Infrared sensors to provide the targets data from distance and it may advise which weapons to use.

Target data in Helmet

There is also a Night Vision and Thermal Vision making the Pilot to see everything.

The modern Helmets offers active noise cancellation so that the Pilot cab focus on its mission and it also provide awareness pings like if the Pilot is being targeted from right then the Helmet gives a feedback ping from right to make the Pilot aware.

Perfect Fit

This kind of technology cannot be cheap but the thing which makes it more costly is the uniqueness in the size. The Pilot 👨‍✈️ head gets measures and its heads 3D data gets into the system, so that he can get perfect fit. The eyes of the Pilot also gets measured to make sure that the overlay can be projected just 2mm away from the eye.

Source: Google

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