Why you should use Linux

Why you should use Linux -
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Everyday we see news about the Ubuntu update or any other Linux update about new features.

Every single device on this planet including cars use Linux. Linux is the operating system developed by Linus Torvalds in 1991. Linux is open source which means anyone can use Linux source code and create a new version of it with the features he wants to include. Linux is also much secure and reliable than other Operating Systems in the market. It runs many servers and almost 60% of the Internet. Linux is everywhere.

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Operating System

Just like Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, Linux is an operating system that integrate hardware and software of the laptop or PC it has been installed on.

Parts of Linux:

  • Kernel.
  • Boot-loader.
  • Daemon.
  • Application.
  • Gnome, Mate, KDE or any other Desktop environment.

Why to use Linux?

The most common thing people ask why they use Linux? Is the Linux better than the Windows? Is Linux reliable?, We are going to give answers to all of these questions.


Windows operating system gets hack easily. We have seen situations of data leaking and Malware attack on the machine running Windows OS. Linux is one of the most secure operating system. It is less vulnerable to attacks then Windows. Linux works in a way that makes it secure. The management of Packages and the repository everything makes it secure from the hackers who want to find a hole to breach in the systems.

Linux also don’t need any kind of costly Antivirus software to be secured. But when we are working with Windows we require one Antivirus.

Updates: linux updates

Windows get update to features after testing and fully stable updates takes a lot of time to reach to the users. Microsoft doesn’t have any fix kind of update schedule for the Windows. The updates gets pushed when it is ready to work on all of the device.

But in Linux the development is always active. Any Linux user can opt to get updates daily, weekly, monthly. These updates include update for drivers also.

Support for old devices:Linux can revive old devices

While Windows require a lot of specification to be installed and it even takes a lot of memory to work completely. This can create problem to old devices with less specs. In this case Linux is life savior it can be installed on any device it just need 256 MB of RAM. I also had Installed my first Linux OS on my old device.

Linux For Programming:Linux Terminal

If you are someone who knows programming or you want to learn programming then you should go for Linux. It supports a lot of programming languages inside its shell that can be used using Terminal.

Linux support SSH through which you can easily manage servers. It is most preferred operating system by the programmers. The installation of software’s are also very easy with apt-get command in terminal.

Which Linux Distribution to Install?

There is not only one Linux OS. If you search for Linux OS you will see a bunch of the results like Ubuntu, Debian, Kubuntu, Kali Linux, Linux Mint and others.

All of these versions of the Linux works same, they have the same base but the looks and the features can differ. Ubuntu is very famous and most widely used Linux distro. To use Ubuntu you should know a little about the Linux first, if you are beginner to the Linux or you want to try for the first time than i would recommend you to go with Linux Mint.

Linux Mint

Linux Mint is one of the lightweight, feature rich and easy to use Linux distro. If you are someone who is going to make shift from Windows then you should install Linux Mint the appearance is mostly similar to Windows so you will not see yourself having trouble in getting started with Linux.

Linux Mint

Wrapping up

Windows is a great OS but it has some drawbacks and it is also Paid where Linux is Free of cost and it supports every platform. Knowing how to use Linux or work with it can get you raise in you income because many tech companies need this skill in their employees. If you are student then you should start using Linux right away.

Written by Sumit Paul

Self-motivated Blogger. Very much fascinated by tech stuffs especially softwares.


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