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Why we can’t make Self Running Machines?

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Today we are living in an era where machines are working by getting power by some external source like Motor is rotating with the electricity and Windmill generate electricity with the power of wind. Why we can’t make a Windmill that will give itself the power to rotate infinitely.

Perpetual Machines

The machines which would run by the energy created by themselves are called Perpetual Machines. But these machines only exist in theories.


Laws of thermodynamicsThe problem with is Perpetual machines are that these cannot be applied in the real world because they have to follow First Law of Thermodynamics: Energy can’t be Created or Destroyed. This law removes all the theories related to the Perpetual machine because you cannot pull out more energy that goes iResearch:Googlento the machine. Because the machine will produce as much energy that it consumes then no energy will left to charge the phone.

A machine that runs infinitely

Inventors have purposed many ideas like an overbalanced the running wheel with the swinging arms but it failed because moving parts at once side of the wheel shifts its center of mass which results into the back and forth moving of the wheel for a while and then it stops.

Over balanced wheel

There was also an idea of using Capillary motion to make water falling continuously but this also fails in real life scenario because if the capillary motion can be powerful than gravity it will stop the water from falling with gravity.

Perpetual machine

Second Problem

If we somehow solve the problem related to the First law of thermodynamics then we have to deal with Second law of Thermodynamics: Energy gets wasted in form of heat. This heat gets generated with the friction which makes the energy escape slowly and then there will we no energy left to move the machine.

Final Thought

In the future, we could discover new matters which can reshape the laws of thermodynamics or we can find the perpetual motion in quantum scale.



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