World Suicide Prevention Day

world suicide prevention day,
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If I ask, do you have any problem?  I believe ‘Yes’ will come from almost everyone. Since, everyone from child to youth to old people have problem in different flavor and in different magnitude.


So, yes everyone has problem and everyone is dealing with it in one and other ways but what when someone give up. So, if a person is a student, problem can be academically that whether they will pass or not, get selected in dream institute or not, a professional has problem that whether he/she would get promotion or not, lot of works, and an old people may have health issue problem.

Let, there are two types of people and both are suffering from same problem, but one is thriving and another one is in depression and going down. This is because, the earlier one choose to tackle the problem and the later on give up. Why did the later person gave up? The reason to give up is, the person go deep from helpless to hopeless, that means if a person is in problem and is not getting help from anyone because of any reason, the person loose hope to cope up with the problem. Thus, a person is allowed to fell helpless but not hopeless because the later is the last stage of downfall. And from there the path to brightness is a bit tough.

Helpless to Hopeless:

When an individual is in any kind of problem, he/she look for help around them. Sometimes they get help and sometimes they do not. But what next? If the problem is solved then it’s okay but if not there are a lot of ways to cope up. but one should not loose their hope at any cost. Because, loosing hope means loosing the meaning of life and that results in wrong steps like Suicide.

hopeless in life,

Every year thousands of people commit suicide because of mental disturbance, which generally occur because of problems like, heart-breaks, relationship, profession, academic, health etc. but at the same time millions of people with same problems thrives to new height. Then, what’s the difference between two? The simple reason is that, the earlier one tackle the problem and did not loose hope, while the later one loose hope. So, Everyone should understand that, “Life is like a flowing river where up and downs are the integral part of flow of river and without it the river did not give the way to enter new life to it”, Similarly, if the life has only ups, then one cannot feel the downs and vice versa. Thus problem in life is a part of life and without it life is boring and ugly.

It's okay to talk while in problem,

Someone, may ask what if the problem becomes the integral part of life and there is no ups, then we have a lot of ways to tackle the problems also, some of which are listed below.

How to cope up?

  • Forget, “What If” because this two words are enough to put us into depression. Like what if this happens, what if i do and so on. This two words obstruct us to follow our path and thus struct us in same place and depressed us. So try to forget this.
  • Speak Up, generally people choose to remain quiet and did not want to share their problem with anyone. But the suggestion is that everyone should have someone with whom they can speak everything, and someone can be partner, friend, parents, social sites(Anonymous).
  • Read Inspirational Books, thousand of books are available in the market and on internet which may inspire you to tackle the problem easily.
  • The last but not the least, any mistake in life is not the end of life, thus committing suicide is not a way to come out of problem, tackling problem and beating the problem is the meaning of life as life has ups and downs.

life is like streaming river,


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