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An Essay is a well organized and presentation of Individual’s Ideas on a given topic. It must look tidy, nicely written, so that the reader find it easy to read without any obstacles. In UPSC Civil examination, Essay part is a scoring part, a person can listen from the topper’s interview. To get marks, developing a skill to write good essay needs preparation and process which should be a phase of your presentation and must undergo while preparing for good writing skill.

Tips to write good Essay:

Phase 1:

  • Collecting the material : Books and Article.

Books – Discovery of India ( J L Nehru ), My experiment with truth ( M K Gandhi).

Article – The Hindu (Article and Magazine editorial ), Yojana, Kuruskshetra etc.

  • Make a list of new words, 5 words a day, and use all those word in writing wherever required.
  • Extract Phrases, bold lines, while reading the books, magazine etc.
  • Use Internet, for reading for collecting important ideas and ways because books are limited but Internet is not limited.

Phase 2 :

After Phase 2, one should know how to present their collections in an essay with tidy and nicely written way. Some points below are :

  • Proper Reference :  Use only those points and lines which have a authorized reference like Government website, senior editor, but don’t write from the context of message circulating on social media like Facebook and WhatsApp.
  • Avoidance of Ambiguity : Sometimes, writer do write on their own, means without proper knowledge or on some fist of information. Without accurate and appropriate information, don’t write anything because it creates ambiguity to the reader and they are well experienced and accurate person to point out your ambiguity.
  • Conciseness : A good essay writer, always try to concise their information so that it do not become boring for the reader. Writing on a single data for more than 200 words is boring, hence making concise will help ,in attractive as well as more space to write more new idea that will show that you know well about the topic.
  •  Correctness :  Correctness of usage and grammar. Usually a good writer has a good command on grammar usage. Further, those who have no command on grammar should take care of their grammar by learning basic of grammar from  different reference. This point is important because, grammar plays an important role in showing whether the idea is a case of “present”, “past” or ” future” a simple example.

Phase 3 :

Before writing the Essay, there are many question which roll in the mind of student during examinations, some are list below with solution:

  • Choosing a Topic : Choosing a topic to write essay out of 10 is difficulty. Give maximum 10 minute to choose the topic. Explore every topic to its depth. Don’t leave the topic that you think that you cannot go with because that topic is specially given and the invigilator wants that how many are capable to write that one. Make rough picture of topic, connect them, measure them and at last see among all which one is more uncommon, go with that.
  • What to Write : Let your brain become a tourist, and allow to visit every aspect of point. This will help in getting a larger number of ideas simultaneously. Thinking sequentially restrict the innovation and vast ideas. Let the mind visit newspaper you had communicate with, Internet, Books and magazine and extract ideas from there and collect all on cloud(mind).
  • Sequence : Collection of idea should be simultaneous but writing need sequence. Hence, make some connection and sequence among available ideas. It will help the reader to connect the topic and make consistency.

Phase 4 :

Structure of writing Essay is the more important. It helps in connecting the paragraphs with each other and create a tidy and nice essay.

  • Introductory Part : Introduction part is the first impression to the reader. Hence, try to attract the reader with the introductory part only. Write the introductory part in a way that it creates curiosity in readers to read all. Use Exclamatory remark, question or quotation in the beginning. Introductory part should be of maximum 60-70 words with the good explanation of the topic in concise manner.
  • Body Paragraph : The body should be the expansion of the introductory part. First, paragraph should follow the preceding introductory. Each other paragraph should follow the preceding paragraph and should be complete in itself. Clarification and precision must also be ensured.
  • Conclusion : The conclusion should be effective and left the reader satisfied. Do not repeat the ideas already mentioned in any of the paragraph. End the essay with logical ending, suggestion or recommendation. “All well , if end well “

For Reference :

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