How to write an Effective Research Paper, tips to write research paper
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A Research paper is a piece of paper that provides an in-depth analysis on a particular topic, which discusses the past, present and future work on that. A college student may come across it regularly. And for a Postgraduate student, publication of more than 2 paper is also necessary. To write an effective paper it is important to have a better knowledge of the process of writing as well. Since it is professional work, information regarding every phase is necessary.

Step by Step guide for writing a Research Paper

In this paragraph, step by step some guides are mentioned to make it easier for the reader Ito get the exact point.

Step 1: Choosing the Topic

The most important step in this field is to find a topic. Sometimes, it is provided by the teacher only and in other case we need to choose ourselves. In the latter case, we can apply some logic for selection in following ways:

  • Select a Field (Broad) or Subject in which you are more interested. Like Cyber Security.
  • Now select a topic out of that field which fascinate you most. Like Cryptography.
  • Read almost 20 already published paper on Cryptography. One can download or search various paper on Google Scholar.
  • After reading that much, you will be able to select one topic with a research gap to move forward.

Step 2: Analysis Phase

While reading 20 or more paper, it is important to analyze most of the paper in deep. Keeping track of all is hard. However, this short reading may help in designing a review paper. We can analyze it in the following ways:

  • If you are reading a paper, just open an Excel sheet, and put important information about the paper in that sheet. Like, Paper name, year of Publishing, Author name, Methodology used and Limitation.
  • The collection of data will help you in future when you will need them. Now the next time you do not need to read the complete paper instead just look at a row of Excel sheet.
  • Also, if you are preparing for the Review paper, this sheet will provide you with a direct table for literature review.

Step 3: Methodology

After choosing a topic and making an analysis sheet, the next process is to formulate a process of writing your research paper.

  • Re-examine whether the topic has a research gap or not. If yes, proceed with the next step.
  • Make a diagram of what process will you use to write your paper. Like, whether your paper is theoretical or needs practical simulation. Based on that, arrange the resources.
  • Meanwhile, start writing the Introduction block. This section needs to define the research topic and all the major concept in it in detail along with some previous work.
  • One can take the summary part from the Excel sheet to mention in the Literature review section.

Step 4: Points that must be prioritized

Some of the points that need to be prioritized before starting to write the paper. These are small points but important.

  • Always correct you Grammar. Use Grammarly for this purpose.
  • Always write in framework like IEEE or Springer or any required.
  • You paper should be concise and number of pages should not cross 6-8.


Above all steps are a basic way to start writing research paper. It is important to apply more advanced tricks and technique to make it easier.


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